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EZee Blades' Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blades use top-tier carbide tooth tips. The non-stick coating, heat dissipation slot, and unique vibration reduction design deliver the thin kerf size, more cuts, and better performance of every single cut.

Whether a professional contractor or DIY homeowner, you may notice that not all blades are the same. Even for the product that claims to be Carbide Tipped, it's hard for the user to tell the difference between carbide tips by just looking at it. At EZee, we make it easier for you; we always use top-tier carbide tips on our blades cause we know your time, your money, and most importantly, that the project you want to deliver needs an excellent simple blade to cut. 

Blades is a simple product that needs far more than a simple industrial production process and continuous technology and product R&D. At EZee, we take care of that sophisticated process, and you just do the cut. EZee Blades, we deliver Easier, Quicker, and Nicer blades.


  • Professional Premium Tungsten Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blade
  • Standing out heat and wear resistance
  • Thin Kerf
  • Precision cutting result
  • Long life than regular bimetal blades
  • The full body coating prevents rusting or corrosion
  • clamshell packing makes it easy to take out or restore the blades after using

Weight: 4.125 Lb
Length: 15.4 Width: 15.4 Height: 0.5 In

EZee Blades CS14-66TI-Y EZee 14 Inch 66 Tooth Carbide Tipped Circular Saw Blades

SKU: CS1466TIY2023
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